Taking Care of that Embarrassing Moment

Have you ever been on the subway, bus, or a long-distance train sitting next to a person who suffers from halitosis, or do you suffer it yourself? This can be an embarrassing moment in anyone’s life. Have you ever had lunch and then you have to be careful what to eat to avoid that stinky breath for the rest of the day at work? What about those who suffer from chronic halitosis whose breath gets bad 2-3 hours after they finish brushing their teeth or those who are afraid to leave the safety of their home, just because they are afraid of being embarrassed by other people’s stares. It is said that 1 in 4 people suffer from halitosis and almost 50-60% of adult persons in the United States suffer from chronic halitosis. A lot of money is being spent on special mouth wash which turns out to cause a dry mouth and also can change the taste and odor of that individual mouth. Some people spend money on a special mint or gum which tends to mask the odor during the time the mint is being used or chewed and, of course, this is not ideal in a professional workplace. Thrive thirst products addresses this problem.